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How to make star shape with bezier path in ios?

I am new to objective c programming . I am working with bezier path and making simple shapes with it. So I want to know how to make

star shape
bezier path
and how exactly it works.

Thanks in advance.

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Try this path:

//// Star Drawing
UIBezierPath* starPath = [UIBezierPath bezierPath];
[starPath moveToPoint: CGPointMake(45.25, 0)];
[starPath addLineToPoint: CGPointMake(61.13, 23)];
[starPath addLineToPoint: CGPointMake(88.29, 30.75)];
[starPath addLineToPoint: CGPointMake(70.95, 52.71)];
[starPath addLineToPoint: CGPointMake(71.85, 80.5)];
[starPath addLineToPoint: CGPointMake(45.25, 71.07)];
[starPath addLineToPoint: CGPointMake(18.65, 80.5)];
[starPath addLineToPoint: CGPointMake(19.55, 52.71)];
[starPath addLineToPoint: CGPointMake(2.21, 30.75)];
[starPath addLineToPoint: CGPointMake(29.37, 23)];
[starPath closePath];
[UIColor.redColor setStroke];
starPath.lineWidth = 1;
[starPath stroke];

You can use Paint Code app to draw shape for iOS and OSX. This is easy to use and very helpful app.

Happy Coding.

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