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ES2015 import of jQuery not working in test case

I'm trying to use ES2015 modules on a new project, and get that working with unit testing with Mocha and Chai via gulp. I'm importing jQuery into the source module (so that it can call

), but while the main
function seems to be present, the functions attached to it - like
- are not.

Here's a minimal test case:

// minimal-test-case.js
import $ from "jquery";

export function minimalTestCase1() {
return $;

export function minimalTestCase2() {
return $.getJSON;

And here's the corresponding test for it:

// minimal-test-case-test.js
import {expect} from "chai";
import {describe, it} from "mocha";
import {minimalTestCase1, minimalTestCase2} from "../../../app/es/services/minimal-test-case.js";

describe("a minimal test case", () => {
it( "should be able see jquery", () => {
} );

it( "should be able see jquery functions", () => {
} );

Test case 1 succeeds, but test case 2 fails.

The corresponding gulp task is:

function testUnitTask() {
return gulp
gulp.task("test:unit", testUnitTask);

pattern seems to be one that I've seen used elsewhere. Why can't I see

Answer Source

More than likely you're getting the dummy function jQuery exports when it detects that it is in a commonjs environment and when no global document is available. I advise adding jsdom to your test setup and adding a minimal setup file like this

const jsdom = require('jsdom').jsdom;
global.document = jsdom('<body></body>');
global.window = document.defaultView;
global.navigator = window.navigator;
global.XMLHttpRequest = window.XMLHttpRequest;
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