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cant import projects from cvs

I am trying to follow a tutorial that creates an equinox runtime embedded in a jetty server.
however, when i try to import the project org.eclipse.equinox.http.jetty among others.

the error says:

The following errors occurred while importing projects. Some projects may not be loaded.
Could not connect to I/O exception occurred: Connection refused: cvs [pserver aborted]: /cvsroot/eclipse: no such repository
Connection refused: cvs [pserver aborted]: /cvsroot/eclipse: no such repository

i also get the same error when trying to import the team project set found here:
the tutorial i am following is here:

any help on this matter is much appreciated

Many thanks


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Eclipse shut down their CVS servers some time back. That blog post is old. You'll need to adjust to use Eclipse's new git servers.