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Java Question

Is there a way to ignore a single FindBugs warning?

With PMD, if you want to ignore a specific warning, you can use

to have that line be ignored.

Is there something similar for FindBugs?

Answer Source

The FindBugs initial approach involves XML configuration files aka filters. This is really less convenient than the PMD solution but FindBugs works on bytecode, not on source code, so comments are obviously not an option. Example:

   <Class name="com.mycompany.Foo" />
   <Method name="bar" />

However, to solve this issue, FindBugs introduced later another solution based on annotations (see SuppressWarnings) that you can use at the class or at the method level (more convenient than XML in my opinion). Example (maybe not the best one but, well, it's just an example):

    justification="I know what I'm doing")

Note that since FindBugs 3.0.0 SuppressWarnings has been deprecated in favor of @SuppressFBWarnings because of the name clash with Java's SuppressWarnings.

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