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Python Question

Are Python function parameters enclosed in tuples or just conventional parentheses?

Are functions passed parameters enclosed in parentheses because they are handled as tuples, or just a result of f(x) convention?

i.e. is (b, a, r) a tuple here:

def foo(b, a, r):

Or, is it something more like the way parentheses are used in math equations, e.g.

>>> 3 * 2 + 1
>>> 3 * (2 + 1)

Answer Source

You can answer this by looking at the Python Grammar.

The relevant lines are:

funcdef: 'def' NAME parameters ['->' test] ':' suite
parameters: '(' [typedargslist] ')'

So in your example, the grammar would say that (b, a, r) is a typedargslist surrounded by brackets.

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