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R Question

How do you implement Velicer's MAP criterion in R

I'm looking at the psych package and the VSS tutorial, do I simply replace VSS with MAP? Like this:

MAP(x, n = 8, rotate = "varimax", diagonal = FALSE, fm = "pa", n.obs=NULL,plot=TRUE,title="Very Simple Structure",...)

or is there another way to do this?
I've doing factor analysis right now and I'm using the elbow method on a scree plot. I'm trying to see if I can try to use Velicer's MAP criterion also


Check out the documentation for that function using ?MAP.

If there is nothing there, probably send an email to the author, listed at the package's CRAN page: CRAN Page for Psych

That package is made by the folks at this site. They probably have a mailing list: