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getting csrf tokens for json post requests to a rails app

I have been playing around with using rest-client to access a rails app I have written. I've written a quick script to log in and make a post request. Everything is working but I did have to work round the fact that no authenticity_token is served if you make a request for a form in json. I had to make a regular html request in other get the authenticity_token and then included this in the json I submitted as part of my post request. Basically I have a quick an dirty script like the one below

private_resource = '')

params = {:user => {:email => '', :password => 'please'}}
#log in
login_response = private_resource['users/sign_in'].post(params, :content_type => :json, :accept => :json)
#get cookie
cookie = login_response.cookies
#get json
json_response = private_resource['products/new'].get(:content_type => :json, :accept => :json, :cookies => cookie)
#another request that returns html form with authenticity token
response_with_token = private_resource['products/new'].get( :cookies => cookie)
#extract token
token = Nokogiri::XML(response_with_token).css('input[name=authenticity_token]').first.attr('value')
#update cookie
cookie = response_with_token.cookies
#populate form and insert token
form = JSON.parse(json_response)
form['name'] = "my product"
form['authenticity_token'] = token
#submit the request
private_resource['products'].post(form.to_json, {:cookies => cookie, :content_type => :json, :accept => :json})

There is the option to turn off CSRF protection for json requests but I would rather not do that. I could go the mechanize route or something similar and then I wouldn't worry about json requests with CSRF but I just wanted to play around with doing this stuff with rest-client

I guess I'm just curious to know if there is a reason why no authenticity_token is served for json requests and I'm also wondering if there is a better way of solving the token problem than the pretty hacky approach I've taken here

Answer Source

Put the below code into your application controller :

def verified_request?
    if request.content_type == "application/json"

And call this method using before_filter .

For more details check :

And check this issue in rails :

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