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Javascript Question

Removing an element by ID (jointJS)

I noticed that JointJS links can be removed by hovering over them and clicking the big red X that appears. But I was wondering if it is possible remove an element once it has been created, without knowing the variable name.

var rect = new joint.shapes.basic.Rect({
position: { x: 100, y: 30 },
size: { width: 100, height: 30 }

//removeRectangle here?

My question is: can I remove this rectangle in the second function?

Answer Source

Removing elements by ID can simply be done as: graph.getCell(cellID).remove(). In your onRemoveButonClick(), you have to somehow know which element you want to remove. This depends on you application UI but you can, for example, do something like:

var selected;

paper.on('cell:pointerdown', function(cellView) {
    selected = cellView.model;

onRemoveButtonClick(function() { 
    if (selected) selected.remove(); 
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