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cannot convert value of '()' to expected argument type 'String' swift 3.0

I can't find anything online or on stackoverflow.
I'm getting this error

Cannot convert value of '()' to expected argument type 'String'
when I use the let color. I'm presuming I need to convert () to a String.

func Change() {
let colors = [
no0 = "7A9474",
no1 = "8C4482",
let random = Int(arc4random_uniform(UInt32(colors.count)))
let color = colors[random]
if random == current {

current = random
Change2(hex: color, number: String(random)) //HERE IS THE ERROR

Answer Source
let colors = [
    no0 = "7A9474",
    no1 = "8C4482",

I would assume no0 and no1 are String variables elsewhere.

Unfortunately in Swift, the assignment is not a statement, but an expression that returns Void (i.e. ()). Thus the compiler won't complain about this declaration, even it certainly looks wrong to the human eye.

The expression no0 = "7A9474" can be viewed as a function that returns (). So the compiler will see an array of two () and infer the type of colors to be [()].

let color = colors[random]

And thus the type of color is (). (Swift 3 will issue a warning on this line)

Change2(hex: color, number: String(random))
//           ^^^^^

And thus a type error on this line.

Perhaps you want this instead:

no0 = "7A9474"
no1 = "8C4482"
let colors = [no0, no1]
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