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Android Question

Exception while doing past iteration backup: Source

I am working on Android project. I connected my phone to Android Studio in order to test the app. After second upload

Gradle Build
failed and gave this error:

Error:Execution failed for task ':app:buildInfoDebugLoader'.

Exception while doing past iteration backup : Source /home/ziyaddin/AndroidStudioProjects/Test/app/build/intermediates/builds/debug/19181584762318/classes.dex and destination /home/ziyaddin/AndroidStudioProjects/Test/app/build/intermediates/builds/debug/19181584762318/classes.dex must be different

What can be the reason for that? How to solve this problem?

Answer Source

I solved this issue by Build -> Rebuild Project and then Run again.

Also I think newly added menu Run -> Clean and Rerun should also fix this issue.

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