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PHP Question

Set the default value for a module field in SugarCRM

I have a module named

in my
environment which has several fields like
and so on, and one custom field named

I want to set its value to the one of the
field, how can I do that using a custom php script in custom folder?

Answer Source

If you are using Sugar 7.2 , then it is simple,

1. Go to Admin->Studio->Modulename->fields->Select custom field.
2. check Calculated Value then click on Edit Formula .
3. From Fields select your name field.
4. Then Deploy it.

Now go to your module and save your name it will appear on your custom field also.

I did not work on Community Edition But i can give you an idea that , you have to write a logic hook after save , in that hook you can write logic to copy Name to your custom field.

For more info Logic hook click here ...

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