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How to fill legend background color when plotting with TWO axes?

The issue

I have a plot with 2 y-axes, each corresponding to a set of lines. The solid lines correspond to the left y-axis, and the dashed lines correspond to the right y-axis. I also have a legend and I want it to use only the solid lines as the keys since the dashed lines have the same labels, dependent on their color.

The issue is when I plot a legend for the solid lines, followed by the code for the dashed lines, the grid lines show through the legend. I need to have the grid lines specified for both axes since they won't show up otherwise, and if I move the legend to the dashed lines, it uses the dashed lines as keys instead. I don't want to change my plotting order either.

The code and plot

x= np.arange(0,3)
fig,ax = plt.subplots(figsize=(6,6))
dod1 = ax.plot(x, ctrl_dod, color='r', label='CTRL' )
dod2 = ax.plot(x, mfkc_dod, color='#e68a00', label='MFKC' )
dod3 = ax.plot(x, gses_dod, color='green', label='GSES' )
dod4 = ax.plot(x, gses3_dod, color='blue', label='GSES-3')
dod5 = ax.plot(x, gses4_dod, color='purple', label='GSES-4')
dod6 = ax.plot(x, mera_dod, color='brown', label='MERRA2')
ax.set_ylabel('Dust Optical Depth (550 nm)')
ax.set_title('Global Mean DOD and DCM')
legend = ax.legend()

ax2 = ax.twinx()
dcm1 = ax2.plot(x, ctrl_dcm*1e6, color='r', linestyle='--', label='CTRL' )
dcm2 = ax2.plot(x, mfkc_dcm*1e6, color='#e68a00', linestyle='--', label='MFKC' )
dcm3 = ax2.plot(x, gses_dcm*1e6, color='green', linestyle='--', label='GSES' )
dcm4 = ax2.plot(x, gses3_dcm*1e6, color='blue', linestyle='--', label='GSES-3')
dcm5 = ax2.plot(x, gses4_dcm*1e6, color='purple', linestyle='--', label='GSES-4')
dcm6 = ax2.plot(x, mera_dcm*1e6, color='brown', linestyle='--', label='MERRA2')
ax2.set_ylabel('Dust Column Mass (mg m-2)')

axes = plt.gca()



enter image description here

The question

How can I

a) have the legend keys use solid lines and

b) have the background for the legend opaque white?

Answer Source

You may create the legend for the second axes, but use the handles from the first axes.

h, l = ax.get_legend_handles_labels()
legend = ax2.legend(h,l, facecolor="white")
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