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Perl Question

Active Perl Installation on Windows operating system

I have installed the Active perl in my windows OS. I have followed below url
procedure to install

Active Perl Installation

after done with that .. I have tried to run "perl -v " in command line . But it says me
following error.

The system cannot execute the
specified prgoram

Now What I need to do to solve this issues .. Any one help me out of this problem...

Thanks ..

Answer Source

You need to make sure the directory where Perl executable lives (might be C:\perl\bin but basically wherever you told ActiveState Perl to be installed) is in your PATH environmental variable (you can find the variable value by typing set PATH command on command line prompt in Windows).

If you're not sure where you installed Perl to (and can't find it in the default C:\perl\bin), you can find the directory by going to Start menu, finding ActiveState Perl folder, and right-clicking on "Perl Package Manager" icon, then pick "Properties" from the right-click menu. Properties window (in the "Shortcut" tab) will have a "Target" line showing the directory.

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