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Node.js Question

In mongoDB Fetch array element at a position which is also present in document

I am using mongoose for connecting mongodb in node.js, now i have a document schema as given below

var ArraySchema = new Schema({
array: [{type: String}],
counter: {type: 'Number', required: true}

Now i want to fetch array element whose position is counter which is present in the document as well, i read many questions like this on SO and on most of them i found mongoose aggregation but i don't know how to use aggregation to solve my problem.

If anyone of you have used aggregation please help me.

Answer Source

Use this query in my mongoose.

var aggregation = [
  $project : {
    array :  {$arrayElemAt: [ "$array", "$counter" ] }  
db.collectionName.aggregate(aggregation).exec(function(err, model){
// handle error}
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