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TypeScript Question

Using a Javascript Function from Typescript

I am trying to build a nice windows phone application with an HTML front end. I want to use TYPESCRIPT to do my processing onto my html page. There is one javascript function which is crucial for my application to work - window.external.notify

This method isn't created till runtime I assume, so I build a javascript wrapper function to determine if it exists when it is called.

if (window.external.notify != undefined)

The issue is I need to get my Typescript files to see this function.
I am using Visual Studio 2012 and I have seen the post - How to use an exported function within the local module
The issue is when I just include my javascript file with the function I want to use I get the error TS2095.

error TS2095: Build: Could not find symbol

Any ideas or help or possible SDKs to circumvent this issue?

Answer Source

You need to tell typescript that this function exists on window.external in order to use it. So :

interface External{
    notify: Function;

if (window.external.notify != undefined)
    window.external.notify("your message");
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