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Javascript Question

Modal image zooms only one time

For some reason, with this code, the "zooming" on the image only happens one time (the very first time you click the image). Click your back button, and try again, and it doesn't zoom. How can I change this code to make the zooming happen every time you click the image?


<!DOCTYPE html>
#myImg {
border-radius: 5px;
cursor: pointer;
transition: 0.3s;

#myImg:hover {opacity: 0.7;}

/* The Modal (background) */
.modal {
display: none; /* Hidden by default */
position: fixed; /* Stay in place */
z-index: 1; /* Sit on top */
padding-top: 100px; /* Location of the box */
left: 0;
top: 0;
width: 100%; /* Full width */
height: 100%; /* Full height */
overflow: auto; /* Enable scroll if needed */
background-color: rgb(0,0,0); /* Fallback color */
background-color: rgba(0,0,0,0.9); /* Black w/ opacity */

/* Modal Content (image) */
.modal-content {
margin: auto;
display: block;
width: 80%;
max-width: 700px;

/* Caption of Modal Image */
#caption {
margin: auto;
display: block;
width: 80%;
max-width: 700px;
text-align: center;
color: #ccc;
padding: 10px 0;
height: 150px;

/* Add Animation */
.modal-content, #caption {
-webkit-animation-name: zoom;
-webkit-animation-duration: 0.6s;
animation-name: zoom;
animation-duration: 0.6s;

@-webkit-keyframes zoom {
from {-webkit-transform:scale(0)}
to {-webkit-transform:scale(1)}

@keyframes zoom {
from {transform:scale(0)}
to {transform:scale(1)}

/* The Close Button */
.close {
position: absolute;
top: 15px;
right: 35px;
color: #f1f1f1;
font-size: 40px;
font-weight: bold;
transition: 0.3s;

.close:focus {
color: #bbb;
text-decoration: none;
cursor: pointer;

/* 100% Image Width on Smaller Screens */
@media only screen and (max-width: 700px){
.modal-content {
width: 100%;

<h2>Image Modal</h2>
<p>In this example, we use CSS to create a modal (dialog box) that is hidden by default.</p>
<p>We use JavaScript to trigger the modal and to display the current image inside the modal when it is clicked on. Also note that we use the value from the image's "alt" attribute as an image caption text inside the modal.</p>

<img id="myImg" src="img_fjords.jpg" alt="Trolltunga, Norway" width="300" height="200">

<!-- The Modal -->
<div id="myModal" class="modal">
<span class="close">×</span>
<img class="modal-content" id="img01">
<div id="caption"></div>

// Get the modal
var modal = document.getElementById('myModal');

// Get the image and insert it inside the modal - use its "alt" text as a caption
var img = document.getElementById('myImg');
var modalImg = document.getElementById("img01");
var captionText = document.getElementById("caption");
img.onclick = function(){ = "block";
modalImg.src = this.src;
captionText.innerHTML = this.alt;

// Get the <span> element that closes the modal
var span = document.getElementsByClassName("close")[0];

// When the user clicks on <span> (x), close the modal
span.onclick = function() { = "none";


Answer Source

Which browser are you using to view this page?

On Chrome Version 54.0.2840.71 (64-bit) it is working perfectly and allows you to click the image repeatedly with the same result.

One issue is that the w3schools example is provided to demonstrate how the javascript works. It's not really suitable to drop into a project.

If possible, one solution would be to use an open source lightbox javascript package. These are much more likely to be compatible with multiple browsers and display sizes.

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