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Javascript Question

react-native map customized css or style

Is there a way to customize a MapView like you can with regular javascript? I'd like to do a theme like this: file:///Users/robertkelly/Downloads/snazzy-maps-example-ultra-light-with-labels-style.html

and I'm able to get it working in vanilla javascript:,output

but can't seem to figure out how to implement this in React-Native since there is no standard google maps api to give input to the mapview like:


Answer Source

I don't know a method to style the RN build-in MapView yet, but I think the possibility to define a custom map style would be a nice feature and should maybe added to the react native productpains.

Meanwhile you should have a look at the react-native-mapbox-gl component (android/ios). You can add a custom map style to react-native-mapbox-gl created using Mapbox Studio (examples).

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