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Python Question

How do I define custom comparison (0 < mytype) in python?

So I'm currently (ab)using python notation to create a domain specific language. As part of this I'm overriding comparison functions to return non-boolean values.

So, for (mytype1 < mytype2) and (mytype < 0) I can easily do this by defining the __lt__() magic method.

However, I cannot figure out how to do so for (0 < mytype) as presumably the magic method would need to be defined on the built-in int type. There doesn't seem to be a __rlt__() function as exists for numeric operations.

How do I add support for this comparison where the lhs is of type int (in python3)?

Answer Source

As per the documentation the reflected form of __lt__() is __gt__().

There are no swapped-argument versions of these methods (to be used when the left argument does not support the operation but the right argument does); rather, __lt__() and __gt__() are each other’s reflection, __le__() and __ge__() are each other’s reflection, and __eq__() and __ne__() are their own reflection. If the operands are of different types, and right operand’s type is a direct or indirect subclass of the left operand’s type, the reflected method of the right operand has priority, otherwise the left operand’s method has priority. Virtual subclassing is not considered.

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