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VB.net VS2013 office.interop.excel suddenly not found?

I loaded up a current application project to implement some updates to the code and all of a sudden my program won't compile.

I've already got versions of this program in use which work just fine.

The issue seems to be with the Microsoft office object library. I have checked my references and it is shown as checked.

enter image description here

Yet VS2013 now cannot find the library. I have removed and re-added the library with no effect.

No other libraries seem to be affected.

Any ideas?

Answer Source

I managed to fix it.

I added the DLL files for interop.excel and interop.outlook manually by going to properties --> References --> add --> Browse --> locate the dll library.

I used this MSDN page to figure out where they were and this worked.

Thanks to all who offered help!

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