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Django 1.9 get kwargs in class based view

I was wondering if there is a way to get the kwargs directly in a class based view. I know this can be done in functions inside the class, but I'm having problems when I try this:


class EmployeesUpdateStudies(UpdateView):
form_class = form_ES
model = EmployeePersonal
template_name = 'employeesControll/employees_studies_update_form.html'
success_url = reverse('employee-details', kwargs={'pk': kwargs.get('pk')})

My url is the following

url(r'^employees/detalles/(?P<pk>[0-9]+)/$', login_required(views.EmployeeDetails.as_view()), name='employee-details')

Answer Source

You can't use kwargs in success_url, because when Django loads the class when the server starts, it doesn't have access to the request. Override the get_success_url method instead.

def get_success_url(self) 
    return reverse('employee-details', kwargs={'pk': self. kwargs['pk']})