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PHP mySQL - How to get data from row after using IN

How can i make a query to get access to

inside while loop.

In this case i have two tables:


answer_from // user id
answer_to // question id
answer_choice // user choice


$questions = $db->prepare('SELECT * FROM af_questions WHERE question_id IN (SELECT answer_to FROM af_answers WHERE answer_from = :user_id)');
$questions->bindValue(':user_id', $user_id, PDO::PARAM_INT);

while ($row = $questions->fetch()) {
$question_id = $row['question_id'];

Answer Source

I'm not sure how to answer the question you asked; the question doesn't make sense to me.

It looks to me like what you are really after is the result from a query like this:

  SELECT q.question.id
       , a.answer_choice
    FROM af_questions q
    JOIN af_answers a
      ON a.answer_to = q.question_id
   WHERE a.answer_from = :user_id
   ORDER BY q.question_id

Then in the fetch loop, you'll have access to both question_id and answer_choice.

I'm pretty sure this doesn't answer the question you asked. But if we can backup from that, I'm pretty sure this approach will help you achieve your objectives.