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How to ignore an html element in vuejs

How to prevent Vue.js from running code within the < code > tags produced by markdown? It's a Laravel 5.5 + Vue.js 2.x project with 'andreasindal/laravel-markdown' package for markdown. The code that's Vue is trying to run is actually a Laravel Blade directive and it seems that Blade itself doesn't try to process it (since I'm getting a Vue error regarding this in the console).

{{ session('notificationType') }}

I tired modifying the Parsedown.php class (which is used by 'andreasindal/laravel-markdown') to replace all the '{' with the HTML ASCII characters. The replacement did work, but Vue still processed those.

Answer Source

If you do not want Vuejs to evaluate anything inside an HTML element you can use the v-pre directive as:

<code v-pre> {{ name }} </code>

In the above example vue will ignore everything inside the tags so, the name variable won't be evaluated and everything will be rendered as is.

* more on v-pre

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