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TSQL Pivot without aggregate function

I have a table like this...

CustomerID DBColumnName Data
1 FirstName Joe
1 MiddleName S
1 LastName Smith
1 Date 12/12/2009
2 FirstName Sam
2 MiddleName S
2 LastName Freddrick
2 Date 1/12/2009
3 FirstName Jaime
3 MiddleName S
3 LastName Carol
3 Date 12/1/2009

And I want this...

Is this possible using PIVOT?

CustomerID FirstName MiddleName LastName Date
1 Joe S Smith 12/12/2009
2 Sam S Freddrick 1/12/2009
3 Jaime S Carol 12/1/2009

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Answer Source

You can use the MAX aggregate, it would still work. MAX of one value = that value..

In this case, you could also self join 5 times on customerid, filter by dbColumnName per table reference. It may work out better.

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