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Getting an error trying to install a particular gem 'oily_png (1.2.0)' MAC OS X El Capitan

I'm on mac OS X El Capitan and after trying to run bundle install I get the following error:
Terminal Error after running bundle install

Can anybody help me fix this?

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On a Mac anytime you upgrade Xcode or the operating system, there appears to be a chance of the command line tools being removed.

 xcode-select --install 

in the terminal window, will install the tools, this can also be done inside the xcode application.

[~] xcode-select -h
Usage: xcode-select [options]

Print or change the path to the active developer directory. This directory
controls which tools are used for the Xcode command line tools (for example,
xcodebuild) as well as the BSD development commands (such as cc and make).

  -h, --help                  print this help message and exit
  -p, --print-path            print the path of the active developer directory
  -s <path>, --switch <path>  set the path for the active developer directory
  --install                   open a dialog for installation of the command line developer tools
  -v, --version               print the xcode-select version
  -r, --reset                 reset to the default command line tools path

if you have more than one set of tools installed (such as beta version) the -s, --switch flag is also helpful to get it pointed to one you want to use (or if the version it was pointed to was removed)

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