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jQuery Question

Getting all the table td values into array

I need to get all the td values into a string array. Following is my code

var tr = "#tblPurchaseOrders tr.PO1";

$(tr).each(function(index, tr) {
var lines = $(tr + " td").map(function(ind, td) {
var ret = {};
ret[ind] = $(td).text();
return ret;

// I need to some more thing here

// I need to store all the td values in to lines variable.. This is not working for me.
// Am I missing some thing?



Answer Source

Try like this:

$('#tblPurchaseOrders tr.PO1').each(function(index, tr) {
    var lines = $('td', tr).map(function(index, td) {
        return $(td).text();
    // Here lines will contain an array of all td values for the current row:
    // like ['value 1', 'value 2', 'value 3']

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