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Size of data obtained from SQL query via ODBC API

Does anybody know how I can get the number of the elements (rows*cols) returned after I do an SQL query? If that can't be done, then is there something that's going to be relatively representative of the size of data I get back?

I'm trying to make a status bar that indicates how much of the returned data I have processed, so I want to be somewhere relatively close. Any ideas?

Please note that SQLRowCount only returns returns the number of rows affected by an UPDATE, INSERT, or DELETE statement; not the number of rows returned from a SELECT statement (as far as I can tell). So I can't multiply that directly to the SQLColCount.

My last option is to have a status bar that goes back and forth, indicating that data is being processed.

Answer Source

That is frequently a problem when you wan to reserve dynamic memory to hold the entire result set.

One technique is to return the count as part of the result set.

data AS
    SELECT interesting-data
    FROM   interesting-table
    WHERE  some-condition
SELECT COUNT(*), data.*
from data

If you don't know beforehand what columns you are selecting or use a *, like the example above, then number of columns can be selected out of the USER_TAB_COLS table

WHERE TABLE_NAME = 'interesting-table'
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