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How do I extract specific 'n' bits of a 32-bit unsigned integer in C?

Could anyone tell me as to how to extract 'n' specific bits from a 32-bit unsigned integer in C.

For example, say I want the first 17 bits of the 32-bit value; what is it that I should do?

I presume I am supposed to use the modulus operator and I tried it and was able to get the last 8 bits and last 16 bits as

unsigned last8bitsvalue=(32 bit integer) % 16
unsigned last16bitsvalue=(32 bit integer) % 32

Is this correct? Is there a better and more efficient way to do this?

Answer Source

If you want n bits specific then you could first create a bitmask and then AND it with your number to take the desired bits.

Simple function to create mask from bit a to bit b.

unsigned createMask(unsigned a, unsigned b)
   unsigned r = 0;
   for (unsigned i=a; i<=b; i++)
       r |= 1 << i;

   return r;

You should check that a<=b.

If you want bits 12 to 16 call the function and then simply & (logical AND) r with your number N

r = createMask(12,16);
unsigned result = r & N;

If you want you can shift the result. Hope this helps

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