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Google Api and android Oauth INVALID_AUDIENCE error

I am getting a

GoogleAuthException: Unknown error
, while doing a

Just before the exception I see

GLSUser: GLS error: INVALID_AUDIENCE <email>

I have set the SHA1 from my release key , the package name, to the google api project. (Which by the way is being used successfully for GCM. )

Answer Source

Looks like that should work; here's the scope-init code from my app which does work.

private static final String SCOPE = "audience:server:client_id:" + SERVER_CLIENT_ID;

So it smells to me like there's a problem with the client id. Remember that

  1. You have to have a project with two client ids
  2. One is the one for your android app, with the SHA & package & so on
  3. The other is for the server side that you're going to send the token off to

It's the client ID from #3 that goes after ...:client_id:

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