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Javascript Question

Multiple buttons with same class don't work

I created multiple buttons with the same class from a list of words.

var words = $(this).val().split(' ');
$.each(words, function(i, v) {
if ($.trim(v) !== '') {
html += "<button class='wordbtn'>"+ v +"</button>" + " "


The buttons are displayed in my view, but when I click the button does not work.


When I inspect my code buttons are shown, but when I view the source code the buttons are not displayed.
If I insert a pre button to test, it works.

<p><button class='wordbtn'>Test</button><p>

Answer Source

try replace the click event for your button with:

$(document).on("click", ".wordbtn", function(event){

this click event will fired even with a new added button

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