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Create web service proxy in Visual Studio from a WSDL file

My application needs to talk to a web service that hasn't got an online WSDL definition. The developers however supplied me with a WSDL file.

With a public WSDL Visual Studio can generate this code for me using the Service Reference wizard. But it doesn't seem to work without a public WSDL.

How do I generate the code for talking to this web service using this WSDL file?

Answer Source

Try using WSDL.exe and then including the generated file (.cs) into your project.

Fire up the Visual Studio Command prompt (under visual studio/tools in the start menu) then type

>wsdl.exe [path To Your WSDL File]

That'll spit out a file, which you copy/move and include in your project. That file contains a class which is a proxy to your sevice, Fire up an instance of that class, and it'll have a URL property you can set on the fly, and a bunch of methods that you can call. It'll also generate classes for all/any complex objects passed across the service interface.

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