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String To String Array With Multiple Conditions

I have a bot which processes strings with given arguments. Here is what I've tried to get parameters of command:

parse: function (message, argLength) {
var words = message.split(" ");
words.shift(); // Don't return command name in array.
if (words.length < argLength) // If there is not enough parameters, return null
return null;
else if (words.length == argLength) { // If length is exact same, return
return words;
else { //Otherwise, concenate first ones till it is exact length.
var concenateString = "";
var length = words.length - argLength + 1;
for (var i = 0; i < length; i++) {
var element = words[0];
concenateString += " " + element;
return words;

If there are more parameters than required, it will automatically concenate first strings since it is split by spaces. a b c with two parameters to "a b" "c" for example. But if
's are passed, I want to get words between
's, not only conceding first ones.

Answer Source

Before doing any business logic you could use a regex to extract anything between " or words:

var str = 'one two "three is family"'
var re = /"([^"]+)"|([a-zA-Z0-9]+)/g

  str.match( re )

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