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Linux Question

add text to file at certain line in linux

I want to add a specific line, lets say

to the files that starts with
should be added to the 15th line in the file.

This is how to add text to files:

echo 'avatar' >> MakeFile.websvc

and this is how to add text to files that starts with MakeFile I think:

echo 'avatar' >> *MakeFile.

But I can not manage to add this line to the 15th line of the file.

Answer Source

You can use sed to solve this:

sed "15i avatar" Makefile.txt

or use the -i option to save the changes made to the file.

sed -i "15i avatar" Makefile.txt

To change all the files beginning that start Makefile:

sed "15i avatar" Makefile*

Note: In the above 15 is your line of interest to place the text.

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