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Jenkins Build error FileNotFound / Permission denied

after a lot of tutorials regarding jenkins and android I still got stuck in having an error free build.

I did follow these tutorials:

The only difference to my setup is that I'm not checking out from a repository.
I have the code imported in the job itself, so in my "jobs" directory I do have a workspace with 2 projects (normal android and androidUnitTest project).

When trying to build I got this log:

[getbuildtools] Using latest Build Tools: 18.0.1
[echo] Resolving Build Target for MainActivity...
[gettarget] Project Target: Android 4.0
[gettarget] API level: 14
[echo] ----------
[echo] Creating output directories if needed...
[echo] ----------
[echo] Resolving Dependencies for MainActivity...
[dependency] Library dependencies:
[dependency] No Libraries
[dependency] ------------------
[dependency] API<=15: Adding annotations.jar to the classpath.
[dependency] WARNING: unable to write jarlist cache file /Users/Shared/Jenkins/Home/jobs/Jenkins4AndroidTest/workspace/XJenkins/bin/jarlist.cache
[echo] ----------
[echo] Building Libraries with 'debug'...
[subant] No sub-builds to iterate on

[mergemanifest] Found Deleted Target File
[mergemanifest] Merging AndroidManifest files into one.
[mergemanifest] Manifest merger disabled. Using project manifest only.'

resulting in this error:

/Users/Shared/android-sdks/tools/ant/build.xml:644: /Users/Shared/Jenkins/Home/jobs/Jenkins4AndroidTest/workspace/XJenkins/bin/AndroidManifest.xml (Permission denied)
at Method)

Seems to me like it ignores the relative path I used at
Invoke Ant
("./XJenkins/build.xml", target: debug)

Does anyone have any hint, tip or solution for this? That'll be really great!

I previously had the situation where I had a different error (I used some more parameters for ant as mentioned in the tutorial.) The error was this:
/Users/Shared/android-sdks/tools/ant/build.xml:392: Problem: failed to create task or type checkenv
... would that be a better approach?

Answer Source

It seems to me a problem of ownership of the source.

Go to : /Users/Shared/Jenkins/Home/jobs/Jenkins4AndroidTest/workspace/XJenkins/bin/ and perform and : ls -rtl

You should see something like that :

-rw-r--r-- 1 jenkins jenkins AndroidManifest.xml 

If not, give the right to jenkins to it with chown command. I will personnaly do it on all directory

sudo chown -R jenkins:jenkins /Users/Shared/Jenkins

This command will give ownership of ALL CONTENT within Jenkins directory to Jenkins User.

BE CAREFUL : This is assuming that Jenkins is launched as a service with User Jenkins. If you launch jenkins as a webapp on tomcat7 for instance, Jenkins user will be tomcat7 and you shall grand tomcat7 with ownership

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