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Java Question

iPython analog in Java8 ecosystem?

Are there solutions similar to Python's iPython REPL solution?

I'm planning to start learning Java8 and looking for a better jumpstart and having a shell where you can run commands and see output immediately would be nice against frequent recompile/run scenario.

Answer Source has support for Java.

Q. What is is a simple yet powerful online compiler, IDE, interpreter and interactive environment for programming languages. The name comes from the read-eval-print loop, the interactive toplevel used by languages like Lisp and Python.

If you want something that runs locally without internet access, it looks like the code behind javarepl is open source. I haven't tried it but it looks easy enough based on the documentation:

To run Java REPL you need to install Java Development Kit (JDK). Download it from here and follow install instructions. Once JDK is installed and configured, download latest Java REPL release from GitHub or Bintray then run:

$ java -jar javarepl-SOME_VERSION.jar

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