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iOS Question

Custom class not shown in the storyboard identity inspector

I created in my app a new class named

, and in the storyboard I copied
to EmpresasTableViewController, I just want to assign the class
in the storyboard, but the name
doesn't appear in the
Identity Inspector

There are no errors after creating the class, but why is it not shown as a class in the storyboard
Identity Inspector
Custom Class
?, all other view controllers are shown.

Answer Source

Firstly, all your files needs to be saved.

What you can try is:

Option 1. Close and reopen Xcode with your project.

Option 2. Clean your project and build it again.

Option 3. Force Xcode to do the indexing of your project once again:

Open the Organizer (Window > Organizer) and select the Projects mode. Select your project in the left-hand view and then click the Delete... button for the project's Derived Data.

This will delete the code sense index for the project and force Xcode to rebuild the index, which may fix the problem.

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