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Android monkey test choose a specific activity

I'm using the Android monkey test to test my android apps, it's works for my app, and is very cool. but I'd like to test an application activity in specific, how could i do that?

today I'm testing all app with:

$ adb shell monkey -p my.package -c android.intent.category.HOME -c android.intent.category.DEFAULT -v 500 -s "a random number"

Answer Source

With Android monkey test i cannot test a specific activity, but with Android monkey runner i can do python scripts to simulate a monkey test, so i did a python script open the my activity and init the monkey test :)

#! /usr/bin/env monkeyrunner

from import MonkeyRunner, MonkeyDevice
from random import randint

print "get device"
device = MonkeyRunner.waitForConnection()
package = 'my.packaget'
activity = 'my.package.activity'
runComponent = package + '/' + activity

#use commands like device.touch and device.drag to simulate a navigation and open my activity

#with your activity opened start your monkey test
print "start monkey test"
for i in range(1, 1000):
    #here i go emulate only simple touchs, but i can emulate swiper keyevents and more... :D
    device.touch(randint(0, 1000), randint(0, 800), 'DOWN_AND_UP')

print "end monkey test"

save and run

$ monkeyrunner
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