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How to create a share with CloudKit's CKShare?

I'm studying the new

that Apple released this year and I have some questions with it. I was trying to follow the WWDC's "What's new in CloudKit" video but part of the code isn't working anymore in Xcode.

What I'm trying to do is: the user will enter his name and phone and after clicking a
, will share with a specific person. Here is the code:

class ViewController: UIViewController, UICloudSharingControllerDelegate {
@IBOutlet weak var nome: UITextField!
@IBOutlet weak var telefone: UITextField!
@IBOutlet weak var button: UIButton!

override func viewDidLoad() {

@IBAction func send(_ sender: AnyObject) {
print("Send button was clicked.\n")

let elder = CKRecord(recordType: "Elder")
elder["name"] = as CKRecordValue?
elder["telephone"] = self.telephone.text as CKRecordValue?

let ckContainer = CKContainer.default()
let shareRecord = CKShare(rootRecord: elder)

shareRecord[CKShareTitleKey] = "Elder" as CKRecordValue?

let shareController = UICloudSharingController(share: shareRecord, container: ckContainer)
shareController.delegate = self
shareController.availablePermissions = [.allowReadOnly]
shareController.popoverPresentationController?.sourceView = self.button

self.present(shareController, animated: true)

func cloudSharingController(_ csc: UICloudSharingController, failedToSaveShareWithError error: Error) {

func cloudSharingControllerDidSaveShare(_ csc: UICloudSharingController) {
print("SHARE SAVED")

func itemTitle(for csc: UICloudSharingController) -> String? {
return "a" //don't know what this is for

My app keeps printing "PROBLEM SAVING SHARE" even though the CloudSharingController appears. Also, the CKRecord elder isn't appearing in CloudKit's dashboard.

Answer Source

So, I figured out what was wrong... I was using the default zone that cloud kit creates for you and you CANNOT do that when using CKShare. All you have to do is create a private custom CKZone and save the CKRecord and CKShare in it!

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