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Prevent from executing previous JavaScript with turbolinks and highcharts //LazyHighCharts

I'm using turbolinks 5 and rails 5 version and with newest Highcharts. T

LazyHighCharts provides functionality for Turbolinks5 and wraps chart building javascript with

(function() {
document.addEventListener("turbolinks:load", function() {
window.chart_my = new Highcharts.Chart(options);

But when I'm navigating away from page where graph was loaded previously with turbolink, I got error on newly loaded page.

Uncaught Error: Highcharts error #13: www.highcharts.com/errors/13

Looks like that all previous javascript which was loaded with
are reevaluating and causing highchart to throw error, because in new DOM there's no element to which that highchart graph is renderedTo.

I tried to unbind
event from document, but it doesn't work. It reevaluates it anyway.

Thought about solution to fork LazyHighCharts, to rewrite layout_helper, so javascript is outputed after dom element, but this would slow the page so the page flow would be

loaded-dom (graph)
evaluate js (sync)
loaded-dom (graph)
evaluate js (sync)
loaded-dom (graph)
evaluate js (sync)
etc. and it would slow down page load i Guess.

Maybe guys here have some solution to this problem.

Answer Source

Made a pull request to lazy_high_charts

document.addEventListener("turbolinks:load", function(e) {
  // code
  e.target.removeEventListener(e.type, arguments.callee);
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