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Linux Question

How do I install a script to run anywhere from the command line?

If I have a basic Python script, with it's hashbang and what-not in place, so that from the terminal on Linux I can run

/path/to/file/MyScript [args]

without executing through the interpreter or any file extensions, and it will execute the program.

So would I install this script so that I can type simply

MyScript [args]

anywhere in the system and it will run? Can this be implemented for all users on the system, or must it be redone for each one? Do I simply place the script in a specific directory, or are other things necessary?

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The best place to put things like this is /usr/local/bin.

This is the normal place to put custom installed binaries, and should be early in your PATH.

Simply copy the script there (probably using sudo), and it should work for any user.

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