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Python Question

how to find height and width of image for FileField Django

How to find height and width of image if our model is defined as follow

class MModel:
document = FileField()
format_type = CharField()

and image is saved in document then how we can find height and width of a document if it is image ?

Answer Source

If the files will always be images, change FileField to ImageField, like this:

def MyModel(models.Model):
  height = models.IntegerField()
  width = models.IntegerField()
  document = models.ImageField(height_field='height', width_field='width')

Otherwise, you'll have to manually calculate the image width and height:

from django.core.files.images import get_image_dimensions

obj = MModel.objects.get(pk=1)
width, height = get_image_dimensions(obj.document.file)
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