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Apple Health Kit Error Code=5 “Authorization not determined”

I hava determined authorization before actually trying to access the user's dateofBirth and biologicalSex. But it's work on simulator.but not on iphone and paired watch.

let birthdayType = HKQuantityType.characteristicType(forIdentifier: HKCharacteristicTypeIdentifier.dateOfBirth)
let biologicalSexType = HKQuantityType.characteristicType(forIdentifier: HKCharacteristicTypeIdentifier.biologicalSex)
let quantityType = HKQuantityType.quantityType(forIdentifier: HKQuantityTypeIdentifier.heartRate)
let readDataTypes: Set<HKObjectType> = [quantityType!, birthdayType!, biologicalSexType!]
guard HKHealthStore.isHealthDataAvailable() == true else {
label.setText("not available")

let readDataTypes: Set<HKObjectType> = self.dataTypesToRead()

healthStore.requestAuthorization(toShare: nil, read: readDataTypes) { (success, error) -> Void in
if success == false {

var birthDay: Date! = nil
do {
birthDay = try self.healthStore.dateOfBirth()
} catch let error as NSError{
print("Either an error occured fetching the user's age information or none has been stored yet. \(error)")
return -1
var biologicalSex:HKBiologicalSexObject! = nil
do {
try biologicalSex = self.healthStore.biologicalSex()
}catch let error as NSError{
print("Failed to read the biologicalSex! \(error)")

Answer Source

This is a concurrency problem, not a HealthKit problem.

requestAuthorization may display a dialog and gives you the result in a background process.

You have to wait for the answer of requestAuthorization before you continue reading birthday and biologicalSex.

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