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Encoding UTF-8 with Go

I am trying to find the equivalent of the following C# code in Go.

pwd = "abc123";
encoding = Encoding.UTF8;
SHA1 sha1 = SHA1.Create();
byte[] hash = sha1.ComputeHash(encoding.GetBytes(text));

I know that there is a crypto/sha1 package within Go. I know I can run:

pwd := "abc123"
hasher := sha1.New() // SHA1.Create();
hasher.Write([]byte(pwd)) // sha1.ComputeHash but without encoding in UTF8 ?

I am not sure how I can get the correct encoding when hashing. I was wondering if I could get some help converting this

Answer Source

According to the documentation:

A string literal, absent byte-level escapes, always holds valid UTF-8 sequences.

So you don't need to encode into utf8 the string if is inside the Golang source code. However, if the string comes from an input, the utf8 package is your friend.

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