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how to parse json array in django

I am new in django rest api framework and using get i am fetching the a json array whose api is this and i am not able to parse it.Actually i want to display "name" which is inside "elements" json array.I have used this code but didnot worked for me.this is the json that i am getting

"elements": [
"id": "H02KsW1DEeWXrA6ju0fvnQ",
"courseType": "v2.ondemand",
"slug": "practical-machine-learning",
"name": "Practical Machine Learning"
"id": "qi9mnkIJEeWC4g7VhG4bTQ",
"courseType": "v2.ondemand",
"slug": "ml-foundations",
"name": "Machine Learning Foundations: A Case Study Approach"
"paging": {
"next": "100",
"total": 684,
"facets": {
"courseType": {
"facetEntries": [
"id": "v2.ondemand",
"name": "On Demand",
"count": 476
"id": "v1.session",
"name": "Sessions",
"count": 158
"subdomains": {
"facetEntries": [
"id": "personal-development",
"name": "Personal Development",
"count": 55
"id": "other-languages",
"name": "Other Languages",
"count": 3
"id": "algorithms",
"name": "Algorithms",
"count": 25

And here is the code that i have used to parse

req = requests.get('
jsonList = []
userData = {}
for value in jsonList[0]:
return render(request, 'app/profile.html', {'data': parsedData})

Answer Source

This actually has nothing to do with Django.

The way to get to the name attribute inside elements (there are actually many elements, each one has a 'name`):

import requests
import json

req = requests.get(' = machine + learning')

json_data = json.loads(req.text)

for element in json_data['elements']:

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