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How to check if a String contains any letter from a to z?

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C# Regex: Checking for “a-z” and “A-Z”

I could just use the code below:

String hello = "Hello1";
Char[] convertedString = String.ToCharArray();
int errorCounter = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < CreateAccountPage_PasswordBox_Password.Password.Length; i++) {
if (convertedString[i].Equals('a') || convertedString[i].Equals('A') .....
|| convertedString[i].Equals('z') || convertedString[i].Equals('Z')) {
if(errorCounter > 0) {
//do something

but I suppose it takes too much line for just a simple purpose, I believe there is a way which is much more simple, the way which I have not yet mastered.

Answer Source

Replace your for loop by this :

errorCounter = Regex.Matches(yourstring,@"[a-zA-Z]").Count;

Remember to use Regex class, you have to using System.Text.RegularExpressions; in your import

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