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How to make a branch and revert the main branch to some point?

I have a main branch, called "dog", I commit there every day. Today my boss said that I made a mistake, I had to create another branch "cat" a week ago and put all my commits there during the week.

Well, now it's too late.

Is it possible to do it now: to create a branch as if a week ago and move all commits there, so that current "dog" looks like no one committed to it for the entire week?

Answer Source

Here's my theoretical course of action:

Step 1: Rename current branch from dog to cat.

git branch -m <oldname> <newname>

which turns into

git branch -m dog cat

Step 2: Create a new branch dog from the last commit you want there to be.

For that, get the last commit you want the dog branch to have and do the following:

git branch dog <sha1-of-commit>


git checkout -b dog <sha1-of-commit>

If you have already pushed to origin, you might have to --force some things.

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