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Ruby Question

How can I delete specific jobs from Resque queue without clearing the whole queue?

I'm using Resque workers to process job in a queue, I have a large number of jobs > 1M in a queue and have some of the jobs that I need to remove ( added by error). Crating the queue with the jobs was not an easy tasks, so clearing the queue using resque-web and adding the correct jobs again is not an option for me.

Appreciate any advice. Thanks!


In resque's sources (Job class) there's such method, guess it's what you need :)

# Removes a job from a queue. Expects a string queue name, a
# string class name, and, optionally, args.
# Returns the number of jobs destroyed.
# If no args are provided, it will remove all jobs of the class
# provided.
# That is, for these two jobs:
# { 'class' => 'UpdateGraph', 'args' => ['defunkt'] }
# { 'class' => 'UpdateGraph', 'args' => ['mojombo'] }
# The following call will remove both:
#   Resque::Job.destroy(queue, 'UpdateGraph')
# Whereas specifying args will only remove the 2nd job:
#   Resque::Job.destroy(queue, 'UpdateGraph', 'mojombo')
# This method can be potentially very slow and memory intensive,
# depending on the size of your queue, as it loads all jobs into
# a Ruby array before processing.
def self.destroy(queue, klass, *args)