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AngularJS : ng-repeat (return single value)

Yo everyone !

I've got :

<tr ng-repeat="x in list">

and the view is :


For the time being, all is right.

But I would like that the table returns me the value only one time if "Name" is already present in this table. What I need is this view :


Because "Name" owns many "a" value.

I hope I'm accurate enough about my problem because I'm new to AngularJS.
Thank you.

EDIT1 : my controller view :
myApplicationModule.controller('controllertable', ['$scope', '$routeParams', function ($scope, $routeParams)
$scope.list = list;

which refers to a file .json:

var list = [
"Name" = "a",

Answer Source

Try this

Create the following filter

app.filter('unique', function() {
     return function(list, keyname) {
      var output = [], 
          keys = [];

      angular.forEach(list, function(item) {
          var key = item[keyname];
          if(keys.indexOf(key) === -1) {

      return output;

And use it like

    <tr ng-repeat="x in list | unique: 'name'">
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