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Real life experience with the Axon Framework

As part of researching CQRS for use with a project, I ran across the Axon Framework, and I was wondering if anyone has any real life experience with it. Just to be clear, I'm asking about the framework, not CQRS as an architectural pattern.

My project already uses Spring and Spring Integration which fits nicely with Axon's own requirements, but before i dedicate a lot of time to it, I would like to know if anyone has some first hand experience. In particular I'm interested i possible pitfalls that are not immediately apparent from the documentation.

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The framework relies heavily on eventsourcing, which means that all state changes are >written to the data store as events. "

This is completely untrue, it does not rely heavily on event-sourcing. One of the implementations for storing the aggregate in this framework use Event-Sourcing but you can easily use also the classes provided to use a standard relational model.

It is just better with event-sourcing.

So you have a historical reference of all your data. This is nice but makes changing your >domain after you've gone in production a very daunting proposition especially if you sold >the customer on the system's "strong auditability" "

I don't think it is a lot easier with a standard relational model that only stores the current state.

The framework encourages denormalizing your data, to the point that some have suggested >having a table per view in the application. This makes your application extremely >difficult to maintain, especially when the original developers are gone"

This is unrelated to the framework but to the architectural pattern in use (CQRS). And sorry to mention that but having one denormalizer/view is a good idea as it stays a simple object.

So maintenance is easy because SQL request/insertion as also easy. So this argument is not very strong. How about a view which uses a 1000 tables model with inner joins everywhere and complex SQL queries?

Again, CQRS helps because, basically, the view data is just a SELECT * from the table which correspond to the view.

if somehow you made a mistake in one of the eventhandlers, your only option is to >"replay" the eventlog, which depending on the size of your data can take a very long >time. The tooling for this however is non-existent.

I agree on the point that currently there is a lack of tooling to replay events and that this can take a long time. However, it is theoretically possible to only replay a portion of the event and not all the content of the event store.

Replaying can have side effects, so >developers become scared of doing it

Replaying event have side effects -> that's untrue. For me side effects means modifying the state of the system. In an event-sourced CQRS application, the state is stored in the event-store. Replaying the events does not modify the event store. You can have side effect on the query side of the model yes. But you don't care if you have made a mistake because you are still able to correct it and replay the event once again.

it's extremely easy to have developers mess up using this framework. if they don't store >changes to domain objects in events, next time you replay your events you are in for a >surprise.

Well if you misused and misunderstand the architecture, the concept, etc. then ok I agree with you. But perhaps the problem is not the framework here.

Should you store delta's ? absolute values ? if you don't keep tabs on your developers >you are bound to end up with both and you will be f***ed

I can say that for every system I would say that it's unrelated directly to the framework itself. It's like saying, "Java is crap because you can messed up everything if someone codes a bad implementation of hashCode and equals methods."

And for the last part of your comment, I already seen samples like helloWorld with the Spring framework. Of course it is completely useless in a simple example.

Be careful in your comment to make a difference between the concept (CQRS + EventSourcing) and the framework. Make a difference please.

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