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Node.js Question

How can I run this app on Heroku or similar?

I would like to get this app:

running on Heroku (or some similar service).

What steps would I need to follow? I'm having a great deal of trouble understanding what to put where.

I already know I need to do something like this:

Can I run coffeescript in Heroku?
for the coffeescript stuff.

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So this is super easy to run on

Here is a demo I just pushed.

Just clone this fork and push it to dotcloud.

  1. create an account on
  2. install the cli tool
  3. clone the repo git clone git:// and cd
  4. edit the config file and put right value for "publicHost" typetome-[your dotcloud login]
  5. create an app dotcloud create typetome
  6. push it to the cloud dotcloud push typetome

And that's it!

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