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How To Create Function Insert In PHP PDO

I had a problem when making the insert function with bindParam or bindValue, always error like this:
enter image description here

what should be improved from my code :


function IUD($sql, $param = array()){

global $koneksi;

$stmt = $koneksi->prepare($sql);

foreach ($param as $key => $value) {
$stmt->bindParam("$key", $value, PDO::PARAM_INT);
$stmt->bindParam("$key", $value);

$ret = $stmt->execute();

$insert = IUD("INSERT INTO user (nama_lengkap,username,password,type_user,foto,tgl) VALUES(:nm,:user,:pass,:type,:foto,:tgl)", array(':nm'=>$nm,':user'=>$user,'pass:'=>$pass,':type'=>$type,':foto'=>$foto,'tgl'=>$tgl));


Answer Source

You had a typo, that's all. You should have:

':tgl' => $tgl

In your query $params array.

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